Wednesday, January 14, 2009

KISS - keep it simple "silly"

Wrapping (and buying) gifts is something that I have always enjoyed. I feel like if you can make the effort to purchase a thoughtful gift, you should also make the effort to package it beautifully. Believe it or not, many people actually judge "a book by its cover"... 

I used to store several rolls of wrapping paper so that I always
 had the right theme (birthday, baby, wedding, christmas, etc.), but then I also had to have the matching ribbons and bows for each paper. My husband would roll his eyes at me and my piles of supplies... so, I decided to simplify... I think we all came out as winners!
NOW... I wrap ALL gifts in brown craft paper (similar to parcel packaging paper, but often a little more flexible), and then just stock beautiful, higher quality ribbons. I try to buy my ribbon on sale at craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore, etc.) and also try to use colors specific to holidays rather than patterns. For example, I don't buy Christmas Trees,  but rather Red and Green polka dots. Or I don't buy Baby Bottles, but rather Pink and Blue stripes. 

Pictured are a few samples of my Christmas gifts for this year!

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