Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Duty

Americans spend "zillions" of dollars a year on cleaning products... special products for every little thing because we are slaves to marketing. So many of the products have the same ingredients, often listed in different orders or with fancier labels. When it comes to jewelry, you can stop searching and just open up your cabinets because hopefully you already have these 2 multi-purpose products --- Windex and Toothpaste.
To clean your diamonds... pour Windex into a small bowl and drop your diamond jewelry right in and let them sit for a few hours (or overnight). Take an old toothbrush and brush the loosened dirt and grime (conditioner, moisterizer, soap, etc) off and rinse in hot water. They will sparkle like they are brand new and you never had to leave your house, or deal with harsh chemicals.
To clean your silver jewelry (not sure about silverware)... squirt some toothpaste onto your finger tips and massage your jewelry - chains, ball earings, bracelets, etc. until they are well covered in toothpaste... you will start to see the dirt/tarnish mixing with the toothpaste. After a few minutes, rinse in hot water until the toothpaste is gone and your jewelry will be back to it's orginial state (unfotunately, it does not remove the scratches).

It's like magic!

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